Present SP

I am immensely pleased to welcome all to the webpage of Industrial Police-1.In this regard I also like to extend my special thanks & heartiest congratulations to all of the member of our industrial community.

As a specialized unit of Bangladesh Police, Industrial Police launched its journey in 2011 to ensure investment-friendly work environment in the industrial sector through technology-based and labor-intensive policing.

This is a special force, first of its kind in Bangladesh, was created for quick response to suppress sudden unrest in industrial zone. To creat & ensure a risk free, sustainable, eco-friendly industrial environment Industrial Police-1 is striving hard since 2011 to deliver pro-policing services to the industrial community in a professional and responsive manner.

Industrial Police attend complain on labor issue. Resolve the conflict among the factory workers and the owner of the factory. Secured the worker salary a big amount of money dealing transportation from the bank to the factory Also Industrial Police responsible for the safety and security of the worker.

Our focus is on building stronger ties with this community as well as win the trust and confidence through our activities, conduct and actions .I believe the Webpage of Industrial Police-01 will open up a new avenue for us to serve and reach our goal.

I wish this Industrial Police webpage a grand success.